Tracking May 2011

I walk into Rory’s room to find Ryder standing on his Tonka dump truck leaning over Rory’s crib and talking to her sweetly, “Mommy is coming. Milk soon Rory sister.”babyrory_bigbro

And my heart swells with joy, thankfulness, and a moment where I wasn’t dreading a small child latching on to me like a crocodile. I remember this song as a kid, “If I were a butterfly, I’d thank you Lord for giving me wings…If I were a crocodile, I’d thank you Lord for my big smile!” But lately I can only think of the amazing death grip, hold, and twist that the Lord gave infants, uh, I mean crocodiles as they eat their prey, rather than their big smiles.


Life has been chugging along great! But I’d be lying if I said nursing wasn’t a challenge. No one ever tells you that nursing can come with many woes. But really, logically speaking, why wouldn’t it? I do want to ask the dear Lord of mine “What the heck were you thinking? A most sensitive part, during sleep deprivation, to be mangled, chewed, and devoured like a beautiful gazelle by a lion on the Savannah!” And then everyone’s solution to your pain is to hippy-it-out and walk around the house topless. “Air will cure any issues,” they say.


Amazingly, I cannot disagree that it does help, but what it doesn’t help is the following: diving behind the couch in hopes the UPS guy didn’t get a free show; your two year old believing every solution to his sister’s cries are “Baby Rory needs milk”; And what is the best way to get rid of spring ants? “To avoid having sugary protein related yummies out in the open,” they say. Well what is better than sugary, protein rich, mommy’s milk dripping around the house I ask you?! Nothing. So not only have I successfully made our home the best UPS drop off, the most fantastic attempt at feeding the crocodiles, but I have also blessed various ant colonies for winter, “Hey, Antwan! The food at 5341 Reasor is amazing! Trails of it all over the house!”

But enough about Rory’s food source (me!), here’s a bit about Ryder. He has found great bliss in adventuring with Chris on “bike rides!” Gallivanted with Oma (my mom), Rory, and me to pick strawberries, and hunted through the yard of Uncle Gary’s to find Easter eggs.



easter2011Ryder also helped mommy plant a garden when she was so frustrated after a day of “feeding the ants” that it was pertinent to the Mack family survival that Mommy get some aggression out in the dirt (we now have seven tomato plants, two jalapeno, two bell pepper, and one banana pepper plant due to that aggressive exertion). Ryder has continued to monitor the growth of his garden and waters it frequently with the help of his Tonka truck and Mommy.


Ryder has also continued a passion for all things “letters!” and is spouting them off (usually right to left) on any and everything he sees. Word World (pbs kids show) is now an equal match to the logic games of Curios George. The path to reading in the near future is well on its way! Potty training however brings quite the opposite reaction, believe me, I’ve tried. Please enjoy “Phonics Fun” video (this was taken after I just realized he knew the letter sounds! Surprised me!).

In honor of Ryder’s love of letters I made him a “C-A-K-E” from Word World and we celebrated his two year birthday with his favorites: an early two hour visit with Uncle Tim (Ryder’s favorite buddy) and then a small birthday party with family where he got to pick the menu of hotdogs, fruit, and popcorn! He was surprised with books, toys, and even a “Tri – Cycle!” from his Grandma and Grandpa. Ryder even shared his toys with his cousin Eli and later tried to offer them to his “baby sister!”


Rory is growing great! Although she hasn’t started much beyond eating, sleeping, and the occasional cry fest, I can proudly say that she is well on her way to great things! Just the other night she slept from midnight to 6.30am! But for the most part it’s a 3am feeding…not bad little gal! She loves hearing Ryder’s voice, focusing on whoever is talking to her, and lounging in her swing. Recently she even received an invitation to a big event, big stuff for a five week old! Due to Rory’s social invitation, we had Ryder’s birthday party a week late because Rory was invited to her Uncle Alex’s fashion show in Savannah, GA (don’t worry, Ryder still went on a bike ride and had pizza/cupcake with his Daddy while the girls were away; Probably even two nights of uninterrupted sleep!).

Uncle Alex is an upcoming senior at Savannah College Art and Design (SCAD) where he is majoring in Advertising and a minoring in Business and Entrepreneurship. He has also found that he is successful in modeling and for the second year was selected in the SCAD senior fashion show. Designers from around the country come to view the talented SCAD fashions, so it’s a pretty big deal to be in the show. Rory was a true champ on the eight hour trip there and back. She actually preferred to have her milk bottled and served in her seat so as not to even wake up for feedings.

Upon arrival, Rory was strapped to her mommy carrier (me!) for the weekend as she was toured around the historic Savannah where she was able to view the park where Forest Gump was filmed “…box of chocolates…”; the local farmer’s market; and beautiful shops with great food and gifts. She was oohed and aahed over as she adorned her party dress for the fashion show that Saturday evening. Rory was a classy lady and didn’t make a peep during the entire show (even with the loud music) and I dare say I saw her applauding at the children’s fashion line that was shown.

As I wrap up this update I find myself looking out the window to the family of geese walking by. Apparently they had a brood this spring as well and they look just as joyously haggard as I feel, and I dare say I see some ants trailing them as well…