Tracking July

Last night I had one of those embarrassing moments where I hoped no one heard what I just said or did, but sadly, as always in those cases (because, let’s be honest, that’s really what makes them embarrassing) someone was right there trying not to laugh. I apparently have gone to new levels in my parenting skills that even I am a little bit like “wow, really, relax!” I was dreaming that Ryder was holding a roll of toilet paper and dipped it in syrup and then was posed to chuck it across the room like a professional football player. I found myself simultaneously correcting Ryder, snapping my finger at him in the loudest “you better think about what you are about to do before I beat your tail” mom snap and waking up from my deep sleep seeing Chris beside me reading his iPhone. The light of the phone was not hiding his grin one bit. I was embarrassed that even my stern parenting woke me up from my deepest sleep (thanks Mom, 27 years of life and the mom-snap still smacks me back into order, now that’s effective parenting!).

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