The history of lasagna isn’t very interesting, believe me, I Googled it. But the satisfaction of eating it is well worth the effort. I have met lasagnas I have really enjoyed and some that, well, shouldn’t have been called lasagna because of the contents thrown between those wide ribbons of smooth pasta. Really, it is of the utmost importance in every cooks repertoire to be able to make a decent lasagna.



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Letting Off Steam

A week flies by and I think back of what has been accomplished. Its a plethora of madness with a baby sprouting her first tooth, a toddler truly becoming a boy, me finding myself in new responsibilities at work and Chris being there to support us through it all. We are growing here and this is only the beginning of many great things to come.

We recently had a baby shower for my sister-in-law and brother to celebrate the upcoming birth of their baby boy (two weeks to go!).


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Take Heart

In my teenage years, between the stars plastered to my ceiling, I wrote verses with a Sharpie marker. They brought me direction when I was given options to take. My favorite verse, that still sticks strongly with me today, is:

O Lord, you alone are my hope. I’ve trusted you since my childhood.

Psalms 71:5

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Reviewing Sandra Boynton

Reading to our kids before bed is one of the best activities we can do with them in their childhood. The rhythmic conversation we can create every time we open a little board book. Or the captivating adventures that story books can create in our minds in a matter of minutes. This avenue of parenting is free, but yet so priceless in its ability to calm the day and defuse frustration (I nearly killed Ryder today. The problems were equally me as they were him – two different agendas, I’ll leave it at that). But after thirty minutes of tickling monsters, counting monkeys and sympathizing with a pig who wanted nothing more than to clean his room, we were liking each other again. Of course, feety-pajamas help a great deal too!

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