Gardening 101

Cold dark dirt between my toes, I reach down to grab the earth and let it sift through my fingers. I push the shovel deep into the earth hardened by winter’s storms and flip it over to let the sun and air work its way through every particle. It is gardening time and my soul is happy.


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Ferris Wheel Dream

We all have goals in life.  For some it’s to achieve a certain profession or maybe a certain material thing like a house. But kids don’t live by goals like adults often do, no, they live by dreams. I’d like to think that I still live a lot of my life through ardent dreams. Children inspire me in their ability, no matter the logistics or obstacles that are often unaware to them, that these dreams will come true purely because they dreamed them.



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Tracking March

Big rolling laughter. Belly aching giggles. Grocery aisles filled with sunshiny squeals and joyous fun in race-car carts. Echoing farts on wooden stools that leave toddlers bodies shaking in absolute surrender to the silliest of moments. Welcome to the world of Ryder and Rory. Pull up a stool and let the good times roll, we are happy you stopped by to join in the excitement.


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