This was an odd project for me because normally I like to plan everything out and have a very clear idea of what I’m going to do before I get started. In this case I had the idea in my head, but had never really put much thought into it until the Saturday it all came together.

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When things are just off kilter

“Thump, thump, plunk, plunk!” Hear that? It’s Ryder hitting a tree with a hammer. Not a kid hammer, a full-fledged Daddy hammer. Why is he doing it? Because he’s three I suppose. He’s now out of site and I hear him crying after a good “ka-plunk!”. I imagine whatever he decided to impale next returned with a fight…plastic things have a way of throwing force back at you, especially when they are domed. How do I know this? Don’t ask.

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Welcome to Chris’ Corner

So I managed to talk Charity into letting me have a little corner of her blog. The focus is going to be along the lines of guy things. Grilling, building things, Dad stuff, and possibly some rants (I like ranting). I can promise my pictures won’t be as beautiful as Charity’s and my prose much less flowery, but I’ll do my best and have some fun along the way. Please tell anyone you think might be interested and have them sign-up for email updates if they’d like.

First on the docket I’m going to do a little recap on the pergola project that Charity mentioned in the Tracking May update she just posted.