Cookies! and the Famous O’Harry Bar Recipe

Warmed ovens. Chilled dough. Accoutrements galore. Stools pulled to counters. Books stacked in chairs for little buddies to participate fully. Patient, loving, hands guiding smaller ones from step to step; rolling out dough, cutting into fun shapes, decorating little master pieces. It was the traditional cookie day of my childhood. We would go to a family friends’ house, the Moss, to busy ourselves between sugary recipes galore. My mom needed the reinforcements to accomplish such a task and we are forever grateful to Mrs. Moss for allowing us to dirty up her kitchen every Christmas season.


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Top Ten Must Haves with a Newborn

Rory and I are munching on Christmas cookies and listening to Christmas music. The day is winding down, a baby is in bed, Chris and Ryder are building Legos. So to end the night we thought we would share our top ten* “Must Haves” when living with a newborn;  since, well, let’s face it, that’s the 24/7 world we are living currently.

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Tracking November

Anticipation. Excitement. Impatience forcefully growing into patience. A peaceful knowing of things to come. As a child Christmas Eve was a struggle for me. Tossing and turning in bed, counting down the hours until I was allowed to wake my parents to open presents. Somehow I would eventually doze off only to awake with absolute thrill and excitement when I saw the sun was up. It was time to enjoy the celebration of family, of presents shared; of a delicious breakfast and the thankfulness that baby Jesus was born to earth to become the Savior for all, the best gift we could ever have.


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