Awesome Apps

As much as outdoor play and chasing around the house with Tonka trucks are a part of our everyday, we also need some quieter activities to bring some sanity. When those activities can also enhance learning it makes it all the better! R&R look forward to the privilege of using our iPad or old iPhones loaded with kid apps. And I look forward to the opportunity to get a few things done while they do!

We like the following applications “apps” for the iPad and iPhones. Hopefully there are similar ones for other devices out there:

In no particular order
1. Bugs and Buttons, $2.99 iTunes Store

This adorable app has a variety of 18 different games within that teach a child how to match, count, sort, and puzzle in a variety of ways. Sorting by putting the correct bugs in the jars; recycling paper, plastic, or metals; or colored buttons into their respective containers.  Guiding ants through mazes, counting butterflies in fields, gathering apples while avoiding bees, squishing bugs, tic-tac-toe with dragonflies and much more! It is a beautiful app coupled with beautiful music that even I don’t mind hearing over and over and over.

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Pig (the adventures of)

I fell in, head first. Covered in soot, blackened with the charcoal of freshly burned wood, I smelled like a Hawaiian pig picking and I was the main course. And yet, engulfing my soft pink fuzz, tiny arms squeezed tightly with an unconditional love, a love borne of friendship and loyalty.  I was safe.

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Mommy Days

A soft brown dog is sleeping at my feet. A blonde sprite is beside me eating muffins and chugging protein shakes while a sweet, chocolate-brown-eyed red head is sitting to my right mastering triangular puzzles. I am drinking hot coffee – not lukewarm or even cold! There is hope I might even finish the entire cup before a sweet baby, who’s asleep bundled in a cozy blanket, wakes for another feeding.


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