A purple winter coat engulfs a small girl with dark brown bangs and a swinging ponytail. She is gripping the hand of her Daddy tightly as they make their way down a busy sidewalk street. She shyly smiles and whispers a comment here and there. He leans down enthusiastically, encouraging her that it will be another exciting day at school. They wait patiently at the corner of the busy intersection, sirens wail by in a hurried frenzy of need. The Dad cups the little girl’s ears and smiles with reassurance. He dons her pink backpack on his back and she giggles with delight.


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Tracking January

The viewfinder is lined up for a perfect shot. The light of the sun is aligning at that “golden” moment. We take a breath. Click!…hold, 1, 2,…”I did it!” Ryder exclaims from behind his boxy-white film camera. We wait patiently for the film to develop before our eyes. The magic happens. He has framed yet another “beautiful” photo and he is proud.



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