Golden Ticket

Relaxed. Someone told me it is Monday, I don’t feel it. Reality is supposedly back but my mind is still accepting the golden haze and lavender scents of last week. All that is floating around me – hungry babies, dinging e-mails, dirty floors, are not affecting me in the stressful grip they often do. I owe this all to my best buddy who sent me on a trip to the spa. I feel like I won a Golden Ticket to the Chocolate Factory. I wrestled for months of who to take or even to go at all.

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Got gloves?

Gardening. It’s that time of year again. One of my favorites. I mentioned last year a few gardening tips. This year I have a new one – poison ivy. I learned that although my fantastic husband is building me a bean trellis and preparing a bed for the bean plants is a bright idea, what isn’t is not recognizing the vine of the poison ivy plant. Let me enlighten you. Exhibit 1:

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“I’m a Princess”

“I’m a Princess” Rory says almost every morning when I get her dressed. It might be the dress or skirt I put her in or it might be that this little girl has taken on the mentality many of us do during our childhood – a place of importance. Where does that innate confidence come from so early (and sadly eludes us at many points throughout life)?


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I’ve been thinking about writing this for a while now. A lot of people hesitate to talk openly about their finances and I can totally understand why. There’s a lot of stress associated with money amongst marriages. A cursory search of the internet led me to an official looking survey citing 93% of marriages say money was one of the top two issues in their relationship. I can speak from experience when I say that I can totally understand how and why this is the case. However, that’s not the point of this post. What I’m going to talk about are my thoughts on the topic of finances and my paradigms on some things.

Ryder teaching Cody about saving

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Vulcan Mind Meld

“It was possible to force a mind meld on an unwilling subject, but most Vulcans would be loath to do so, unless under the most dire circumstances. An exception may be the Vulcans of the mirror universe, whose ethical constraints, shaped by the savagery of their environment, were far different.”[i]

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