Heading Back to the DR

No, I didn’t mean doctor. I meant Dominican Republic where myself and a team of 6 others from our church went last year to help build a home for a deserving family. I would encourage you to read more about last year’s trip here which goes into great detail on the home we built last year. Short-term missions has always been something Charity and I have had a passion for and been involved in since we were teenagers. I’m happy to have another opportunity to be a blessing outside of my usual comfort zone this year.

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Stupendous Storm

Doughnuts. 50 to be exact. The munchkin type. Chocolate, glazed, cinnamon, and powdered. Three sippy-cups filled with milk. The sweet smell of sunscreen kissing our skin. We were half naked (weird). We were beyond thrilled (yahoo!). We were determine (crazed?). It was 70 degrees in the middle of June (unheard of).

Hello Ocean.


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Wholly Love

The older I get the more I understand life. The older I get the less I realize I know all the answers. Yet when I look back at my childhood, I understood a big part of life then that sometimes I forget as an adult now – to love wholly.


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