I took the phone call. It was the fifth of the morning. Six spreadsheets were open. 43 e-mails returned. I was making strides with the work day and it was only 11am. I tried a new strategy when it was time to feed Cody again – turn off my phone, walk away from the computer, and read books to R&R while nursing rather than checking e-mails with my thumbs. It was successful! Relaxing even. Then I smelled the pee. I sniffed every rump including the dog. Couldn’t find the source. Distraction won and I forgot the thought. Lunch, more work and then it was nap time. Trying to time naps with three kids of varying ages is like trying to catch a group of lizards in your house. Ask my friend Martha, she knows.


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Bluebird Gap Farm

Sometimes life requires a change of scenery. One doesn’t have to travel far (’cause Lord knows traveling too far can get ugly with kids and takes a certain mental preparedness…or moment of insanity). My favorite and most energized mother in law, a.k.a. “Grandma”, had the fun idea of heading over the bridges and through the tunnels to Hampton. A mere thirty minutes away. She packed us PBJs and grapes while I packed kids and all that goes with four critters between the ages of 0-6 (cousin Savannah was with us too! yay!) to Bluebird Gap Farm.


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Dog Days of Summer

“I’m Spidermonkey and I will help you battle those creatures Heatblast!”
“That’s great Spidermonkey. Because together we are going to save the Universe from harm!…Oh and I want cheese sticks after we play in the sprinkler..”
“Me too! How about we send in Stinkfly to finish the job and then we can have crackers too.”
“Great idea Ryder – I mean Spidermonkey.” says cousin Savannah.


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