An ugly coat. Big, puffy, and turquoise. Like deep sea glimmering turquoise. Its mass engulfing my sewing machine like a giant squid ready to squirt copious amounts of ink. I tackled it. I ripped its stitches. Took out the broken teeth that captures its prey. I hunkered down and pulled it taught willing the fabrics underneath to match the ones on the surface. Brilliant magicalness (not a real word) I beat the beast! I put in a new shiny zipper! I don’t even know the owner of this thing, a friend of a friend asked me to fix it. I don’t do zippers. But tonight I triumphed!


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Let It Go Freeze Hole Cafe


Okay, okay, the name of the cafe is a work in progress. Neither Savannah nor Ryder could agree, so a compromise was made. Welcome children to the highs and lows of committees. “Let It Go Freeze Hole Cafe” was mounted over the lunch dive spot nonetheless. $5.00 each was given in various coin amounts into glass jars. Labels were made and vittles were priced accordingly. The cafe was officially open for business!

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