Mini Macks’ Culinary Adventures and Giveaway!

There is something equally rewarding and challenging when cooking. It is one of the tasks in life, since time began, that has near instant gratification. Before technologies of this and that, one could mix a few ingredients and quickly tell if it was a success or failure. When cooking with Mini Macks (or other small creatures) this result of success (or failure) is also quickly revealed. Expectations lowered can produce even better satisfaction. Because even a crooked chocolate cake, pre-licked spatulas, or sloppy-measured-scoops still result in some darn tasty vittles.


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Summers of Childhood

His soft cheeks were puffed with air while his eyes were squinting behind fogged plastic. The plastic strap was digging into his red hair as he kicked farther down, reaching for the rubber toy dancing on the pool’s bottom depths. Ryder came up triumphantly with the rubber torpedo in hand. A broad smile stretched across his sunscreen-slathered face. Summer time, a time of exploring the wonders of God’s creation – the dangers, the beauties, the constant challenges that equally compel us to keep trying and exhaust us.




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