Rock’n Trip on Highway 1

Three words: purple, haze, rocks. This describes the previous week’s energies. On Monday the weather surprised with seventy degrees after a busy workday, we couldn’t resist a trek to the east coast, our beloved Virginia Beach. It is an innate longing within Rory’s heart to touch her toes to the sand, to encompass her ankles with the cold salty sea at any available opportunity. Cody and Ryder were fully willing to oblige.


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California Has Broccoli

We all have the choice to be swayed by outside opinion. Just the other day Rory was trying to convince me why she should go to California. Ryder was trying to convince her otherwise as he knows she isn’t getting a trip to California until she is at least five.


“Rory, there is broccoli in California. You probably should consider that before wanting to go there.”*
“Oh? Well, hmmm. Maybe then… well actually, I think I can handle some broccoli.”
“Ok, yes, I guess you could. Especially if it is raw, it is much easier to eat when it’s raw.”
“Yep, so when should we leave?”

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