The Mini Macks Go to Disney World

We were exploring a new village in Disney World when Rory spotted him. She quietly said, “Stop. I must go meet him.” I was surprised to hear her confession. It wasn’t a princess or some friendly animal. It was a big burly guy, tall, with dark hair, and awfully handsome. We waited in line. Then we waited some more. Then, well, as with most new relationships, we found ourselves waiting a lot more. This guy was proving to be a bit of an arrogant dude, quite frankly. I asked Rory if she wanted to wait the 25 minutes while he, “Must go admire myself in the mirror.” Really?! There are people waiting here! Rory however pulled some magic of her own and waited ever so patiently for this man to return. She busied herself by writing him a short story and illustrating him a portrait in her pink journal her Grandma had so thoughtfully given her before our departure.


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Ready. Set. Go to Nepal!

“These people of Nepal need to feel there is hope in their lives.” Yesterday the Nepali people endured another earthquake (7.3) and 23 aftershocks. Greenbrier Church, in partnership with RUN Ministries, EMPOWER, and the Nepali Rescue Project, has sent over 10,000 tents in the last few weeks. This has brought hope to over 40,000 people!

NepaliGirlOne then questions why send teams over? Why not use those additional travel resources to send more supplies? Let me put it this way, imagine your home completely gone. One day it is there and the next it is not. Blankets and food are of great help, but how much more does a hug, a helping hand, a person to connect with help all the more? The Nepali people are just like the rest of us, we need community. We need friendships. We need to know someone is on the way with some hope.

July 6-17th I have the honor of leading a team to Nepal to help the Nepali Rescue Project with medical screenings and village care.  Your donation will provide supplies for the village and transportation costs for the team. Our goal is $3,000 per person sent. Please donate through Greenbrier Church‘s Quick Give and then select “Nepal” from the menu:

DonateGreenOr send a check, with “Nepal Team” in the memo, to:

Greenbrier Church
1101 Volvo Parkway
Chesapeake, VA 23320

All donations Greenbrier Church are tax deductible. Thank you for joining us in the aid to the Nepali Rescue Project and the country of Nepal. Thank you to all you have donated so far! Please help and spread the word!

-Charity Mack