My Bright and Dynamic Friend

I have this amazing, bubbly, spicy, and rambunctious friend. I met her five years ago. From the beginning she was energetic, even her bones couldn’t contain the verve. She dances, wiggles, and giggles from one room to the next. For a shy gal like myself I often watch her and try my best to slowly take it all in. Glitter and pink, fluff and vibrant, colors are ever following in her wake.


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A Knock at the Door

My back was to the window. I saw the reflection in my computer screen as a car rolled past my house. The car was the same make and model as my brother’s in California. Lost in a day dream that he might have come for a surprise visit (unlikely, but a fun thought), I didn’t realize the car had pulled into my driveway and soon the doorbell rang. Answering the chime, I opened the door:


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