Light Gaps

“When a tree falls, light floods into the open gap. Many plants and seeds take advantage of the windfall and quickly grow.” – California Academy of Sciences


Even a great childhood is challenging because it requires growing and learning amongst varying obstacles. The most prominent for Rory is her brothers. They help refine her and define her simply by growing next to her in the same house. But I see how beneficial it is to take her out of her usual environment, away from her brothers, and when those gaps are there she soars. Being in California is evidence of this.


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The Wild West

The dust was piling all around us, big, thick, plumes of it. The hooves of the pack of horses ever increasing in speed as each sharp turn followed another and another and another. The beautiful California hills were vast, but no match for our team and driver. Rory squealed with delight as the speed of our determined stagecoach, rickety and racketing over the well-worn path, tickled her tummy from one peak to the next. Faster and faster we went, passing tattoo parlors and burrito hubs, painted houses of the Victorian era, and plants of varying sizes resembling sea creatures akin to octopus and squid.


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