Cody: level four obtained!

Many momentous achievements occur within four years. In four years the President of the United States fulfills his first term as leader of this nation. In four years most college graduates will receive their diploma of baccalaureate in their desired field of study. In four years Cody has achieved status of fourth level of life. I don’t know about you, but I remember little of level four, much of level six (it was awesome!), level fourteen, and a few smatterings in between until my current level.


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London: Abbey, Boat, and Castle

Since I was a kid I remember my parents talking about their dream of wanting to go to London, England. The only context to such a place was my acquaintance with Paddington Bear or the Pevensie kids from Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I never really knew why my Dad had his heart set on London, but that doesn’t matter as a kid now does it? You just want to see your parents’ dreams come true as much as your own – at least I do anyways. So when Felis invited me to her wedding I knew that somehow my parents needed to join the adventure. Thankfully Chris is gracious enough to pal with his in-laws, so brought them he did four days after my departure. Months of research brought together a day-by-day custom itinerary that no doubt would please and give a good sampling of London in a week. Should our dear readers like to follow our footsteps here is the itinerary in a printable snapshot. Now, without further ado, a day-by-day report of our experiences, enjoy!

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A Sunday in London

After the wedding and the farewell send off of Felis with her husband to Thailand, I was left at the mercy of Felis’ sister Hannah. Chris and my parents were to arrive Monday midday and Felis had encouraged Hannah to show the rookie American around the London town. Felis couldn’t have arranged a better person. Hannah and I walked miles and miles for hours and I enjoyed every minute!


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A Royal Wedding

I was nineteen. The class was American Studies. I had the seat closest to the window. The afternoon sun would shine in at the 1:30 class start and students would try their hardest not to fall asleep. It wasn’t the teacher; he was smart and often funny. Professor Richards really wanted his students to interact and give insight to the topic of the day – American history, drama, and social dynamics through the history of America. I was most curious of my classmate’s response from across the room, nearer the back. Her’s was colored with a British accent and spoke with such class and poise. I didn’t see her face for many weeks but so wanted to meet her.


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An Astonishing Cupola

An early October fall morning, the leaves were bright yellows and vibrant shades of orange. The golden sunlight twinkled between branches as we rounded the pebbled walkway towards Mount Vernon that sat afar. With a vast green yard leading to its doors and shimmering behind was the Potomac River’s basin looking like a golden path in the morning sun, we made our way to the Washington’s former home.


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