Hail to the Redskins!

Hail to the Redskins!

I grew up in Virginia with a slew of uncles, cousins, and mother who chanted “Hail to the Redskins!” before I even knew my alphabet.  I remember family gatherings, Thanksgiving specifically and my Nannie’s birthday parties where we would heap mounds of homemade southern food onto doubled-up paper plates at 11a.m. Gather round multiple dining room tables, or even a lap on the front porch steps were acceptable make-shift dining locations, to feast.


We would laugh, butter rolls, holler at busy aunts and my Nannie to “sit down!” to get a bite of what they prepared all morning (or really, let’s be honest, all week long). We would push back chairs and slowly peruse the dessert corner with greedy eyes and already full bellies. Chocolate, pumpkin, cherry, apple, and the occasional pecan pie were always present. Brownies, chocolates, cookies and other offerings were not forgotten for little hands already past their ability to sit still for a meal and took their dessert on-the-go.

But what I remember most of all proceeding such a fine feast was the Redskins on the television at 1pm; my uncle Gary holding a plastic cup of ice and diet-coke while trying his best to hold back the profanities while his dear “Skins” struggled to obtain victory. As my mom has always said, “Being a Redskins fan is one of pain and long suffering. But they are my team.” Uncle Gary knew how to bring family and football together. He was respectful of his “Momma’s” house and kept the volume to a minimum or else the five-foot-one glair of my Nannie would whoop his tail before he could grab the remote.


But persevered he always did. Clad from head to toe in Redskins paraphernalia, Uncle Gary was the mascot for the family of all things football. If discussions were too heated or children too loud, but you couldn’t say so, you surely could yell out some charge to a Skin fumbling a ball or finding himself sacked once again. I learned the terms “interception” “fumble” “sack” well before I knew a full sentence and it was from my mother and Uncle Gary. The term “Go baby! Go!” and “Sack the quarterback!” echoes in my ears every fall and I find a football game watched without either command declared at least once a failure in team appreciation. My mother went to bed in Skins jerseys and would often call my Uncle the next day from the breakfast table offering her condolences.  That’s what family is for. That’s what football is for.


So when I asked Ryder the other night what he wanted to pack for vacation and without hesitation he gathered a small football for him and a larger, Redskins painted, one for his Daddy. I knew the tradition had continued to the next generation. Hail to the Redskins! Hail Victory! Braves on the warpath! Fight for old D.C.!


P.S. Just this week, we are on vacation, my parents ahead in the caravan, and we had to stop because she couldn’t get her Redskins app to work for the upcoming 1pm game. I rest my case. Happy Birthday Mom! My condolences regarding the Skins.

Q&A with Chris’ Corner:
Is football the All-American sport?

Chris: Yes.
Me: Elaborate.
Chris: Probably because of the physical nature of it; it’s fasted paced and exciting to watch.

What is a fantasy football team?
A collection of players from all different NFL teams who score points based on how they do in their real NFL games.

Why do you join fantasy football teams or even multiple ones?
For the camaraderie with friends. And it gives you something to root for when you are watching an NFL game.

Is it an all male club or should women be encouraged to start their own? Should it be co-ed?
Some leagues are co-ed. Sure they should be encouraged if they like football and it’s appealing to them, but you can’t force it. If you’re not into football then it probably won’t work.


Is it more fun to watch or play?

Having experienced an NFL game at a stadium and from home, what are the pros and cons of each?
The best thing about seeing one at a stadium is being there with thousands of other people who are rooting for the same thing that you are; the general atmosphere of it. Watching it from home the viewing experience is better and less hassle then going traveling to a stadium and parking and so on.

Would you ever want to go to a Super Bowl?
Yes, just to say that I did. But if your team isn’t playing in it it’s not as appealing. You aren’t going there really to root for another team, rather just to experience it and that’s fine.

Why do you watch so many games at once?
Chris: I don’t think that applies to me.
Me: But you watch two or three at once.
Chris: I just don’t like watching commercials.

Can you ever watch too much football?


What is best food to eat while watching a game?
Anything. But pizza is probably the best.
Me: Why?
You don’t have to do any work preparing it and it’s easy to eat – no utensils.


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  1. Is it ok that I thought the Q&A with Chris was laugh out loud funny? Also love how little Rory wants to be with the boy football team (first pic) – she’s a little explorer.

    1. I thought the Q&A was funny too. I expected longer answers but got the concise…which is Chris…so why did I expect more? :}