Rory Turns Four!

Rory Turns Four!

Yellow and pink, purple and green, “All the colors” are Rory’s favorites, especially when it comes to painting!


Last year’s birthday party was such a success that when we asked Rory how she would like to celebrate her fourth birthday she stated, “Like last time, but more friends and at Oma and Papa’s!” Brilliant ideas. I, of course, agreed faster to the latter request than the former – some other backyard to dirty and way more room than my own, done! Thankfully Oma and Papa agreed, because Rory’s dear father agreed to her 17 kid and 23 adult’s guest list (whew!).



We had a great time painting on canvases this year which proved much more enjoyable than last year’s shared painting surface. Cody didn’t have to be prompted to man the smore’s and hotdog station like he so skillfully did at Rory’s 3rd birthday party. Oma and Grandma added a splendid fruit and veggie station to round out the event’s vittles selection.


Rory had a great time flittering between family and friends. Doing daring tricks in the hammock and chasing pals with water balloons.



Our sweet four-year-old gal, who is tenacious and bright, is dedicated to round snorting friends (pigs), paint brushes by the hand-fulls, planting gardens, helping Cody investigate letters and numbers, and focused on winning the-best-bathtub-breath-holder in preparation for the upcoming summer’s activities. Our Rory is a creative gal that I so enjoy being around! I laid with her in bed after her day’s activities were done and she said between yawns, “I had a wonderful birthday party. I loved everything about it! Painting is such fun!”  Success!



P.S. Some fun birthday singing (or rather very terrible singing) via the Mini Macks to their uncle Tim last month. Happy birthday Tim!

7 Replies to “Rory Turns Four!”

  1. It was a wonderful party. Great planning and execution, Charity! Fun, fun, day. Great memories were made with lots of people we love.

  2. I’m glad she had so much fun. We missed be part of the festivities this year.

    We love you, Rory!

  3. Looks to me like everyone from children to adults enjoyed theirselves! A good time had by all. The children are really having a ball and I just can’t believe that Rory is
    already 4 yrs. old! Where did the time go since she was born? Love you!