Ryder Turns Six!

Ryder Turns Six!

In a galaxy far, far, away, the mail travels at times with light speed and other times it gets stuck in black holes or stopped by the force of the dark side. The news of Jedi Ryder turning six is nearly a month overdo. Forgiveness I ask. Lately we do much to occupy ourselves.




Apparently the dark side was strong in late May and those recruited to battle were strong Jedis in training with their teachers. Jedi Ryder Skywalker sent out a secret mission to his friends and they with their teachers met in the forest beneath the tall trees. It was time for practice of strategy, of wit and determination. Knowing their mothers and sisters were safely protected at their home planets, they were free to focus with complete concentration to defeat the dark side. DSC_1285.JPG


DSC_1289.JPGJedis Eli, RK, Elliot, Logan and side-kick Cody Bacca came armed and ready for a serious battle. For they knew that danger lurked behind the trees and Jedi Ryder Skywalker needed the reinforcements. Darth Daddy, Uncle Ben Kenobi, Qui Josh Wynne, Uncle Jon Solo, Uncle Tim Kenobi, Rego 2-D2 watched on with pride as the new generation of Jedi used their honed mental powers and patiently awaited their offender.



General Chris Grievous entered the battle grounds fully clad in his nemesis uniform. The young Jedi took no time in identifying not only their enemy but also the light saber he bore. They were equally impressed and humbled by General Chris Grievous. Could he be defeated? Were they prepared? Their mothers and sisters sent them off with pleas of protection, was this enough motivation to defeat such an intimidating leader from the dark side? Only time would tell.



Whare! Whaaaare! Whaaaaaare! The light sabers swirled in magnificent powerful swoops and swipes. Bright greens, blues, and reds signaling each other the danger they had been warned about from their teachers was now in front of them with great strength. The young Jedis encircled General Chris Grievous. Strategy and direction were being given mentally from their teachers on the sidelines. Whare! Whhhhaaaare! Whaaaare! General Chris Grievous fought back with his strength and brute force. The young Jedi not deterred continued to push forward, knowing the rewards of this battle would be sweet.


DSC_1313.JPG DSC_1303.JPG

Alas, victory was won! The dark nemesis from planet Portsmouth was defeated. His young bride no doubt would have to nurse him back to health, possibly send him to Vader Rehabilitation. The triumph of cheers could be heard clear across planet Yellow Park. The only thing left to do was eat some cake and drink Yoda Soda! Happy birthday young Jedi Ryder Skywalker. My the force always be with you!

IMG_9899.JPG DSC_1291.JPG





A special thank you to Uncle Tim Kenobi for manning the photo station so Jedi Ryder’s mother could live through the memories of this triumphant battle.

8 Replies to “Ryder Turns Six!”

    1. It was Ryder’s idea to leave the ladies at home. At first I thought it a lame idea. But in execution it was brilliant! Thank the Lord for amazing Daddies!

  1. Oh. My. Gosh! Looks like tons of fun and now we can experience the battle through your fabulous storytelling – thanks!

    1. Thanks Crystal. They are a lot of fun! I hope your book sales and readership is up for Light Unshaken!

  2. Isn’t that the first; total guy party; should be in Ginus Book of Records!! Looks like it ended up being a fun, Daddy party!! They all look like they had a great time – good idea Ryder! Happy Birthday to Ryder – can’t believe he is six! His face (bob and I think) looks like it is thinning out and he is really a boy now and Cody is coming up right behind him. Love it!