Shifting Teeth

Shifting Teeth

Rory has a gray front tooth. It has been this way for a few years now after she hit it against a metal bar on a theme park ride. The tooth was cut off from the rooted life source and it has slowly grayed, darker and darker. The dentist asked if I wanted it removed. It would be purely cosmetic. I said no. It’ll fall out on its own, in the right time.



The interesting thing about teeth is that they are ever moving and affected by the environment around them: grinding during sleep; sinus pressure; metal braces willing them in time to shift; food caught between causing cavities of decay. Buckled by not enough space or shifting causing rogue movements if given too much space. But then there are habits that preserve them, ones we are all familiar with. Her gray tooth still serves a supporting role to the others, to hold them true to their current perfect positions.

Teeth, a bit of an odd subject to discuss publically, but I have a point to this ramble. Each set of teeth in my children’s gorgeous and ever present faces share a commonality, they are constantly shifting. Some of that change is in the their control, while other changes are not. I have had a recent crossroads with my unique life, albeit there is more to my life and the decisions and effectualness than say my own set of teeth, but the lesson is the same. Some things in my control and some not.


All good, nothing is decaying. Personally, I want to be a writer and I am trying to figure out where it fits in. It is more of a mint versus cinnamon situation. I find that these sort of decisions can be the hardest. I wrote my first book at the age of eight on the Brushy Mountains of my great uncles and aunts’ land. It was terribly wonderful, as most kids’ art is. I have struggled through spelling and grammar (still do), I have failed classes and yet have had many triumphs. Jobs have brought outstanding opportunity to write and to collaboratively write. My crossroads now is not to stop writing, but rather where to write. What is my avenue? Is this small blog a place to share thoughts and hope you, dear reader, will interact? Sure! Is a novel an avenue worthy of trying, possibly! Is collaboration with other writers to share their story? Yes, and amen! I have left this little blog absent for a few months, more unintentionally as I worked on some other writing projects, and now coming back I still wonder. What avenue is best for my writing?


Over the last couple of months I helped a friend finish a book he had been wanting to get on paper for years. It was a big undertaking, but I am so honored to have played a small part as editor. It is called Things In the Bible You Ought to Know By Now by Bill Gaughan. I learned a lot about the Old Testament Tabernacle and the passionate intentionality God played in it all. I never knew the detail and significance of the Old Testament tabernacle and how those stories were deliberate glimpses of my Savior to come in the pages of New Testament.


Bill took me on a tour, through places and events, people and pieces, that were the precursors to what I benefit from greatly today, the love of Jesus Christ and His death and resurrection to bring me life anew. Not because I deserved it, but because He loves me. The Israelites had so many opportunities to choose His ways or their own. God’s intentions all along were to bring them to something greater, but it often took hard work, perseverance, and dedication. Sometimes without a clear understanding of why. When this book hits the shelves, I highly recommend it! It is without a doubt an eye-opening experience to understand in detail what God set up from Genesis to Revelation.


I realize, like a set of baby teeth that are effected by newly forming habits, some avenues will gray. Some avenues will not have enough space to last and must be removed. And some avenues will grow in stronger with enough time, patience, and out of my control provision. I am willing. I am ready. I feel like the last couple of months, between Bill’s book and my feelings towards my writing, this little blog avenue, and what new avenues might be around the corner, are like the morning the kids came to the table with goggles on. Freezing cold outside, their clothes were of a season yet to come and their outlook matched it. They saw not what was before them, but what they were dreaming of – pools, summer sun, and new adventures. Maybe that’s what this all comes down to. I need to look at this potential transition of writing as something great rather than daunting. Something fun rather than work.

In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment if you’d like to stay on the mailing list of this little blog and future writing endeavors. Leave a comment if you would like to be one of the first readers of Bill’s amazing book Things In the Bible You Ought to Know By Now. The publisher is working with him this month and hopefully by early summer, before you even get your goggles on, it’ll be in your summer beach bag ready for you to dive in!



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  1. So happy to see this, Charity. You’re a lovely writer and talent artist. Writing, like most art forms, requires great vulnerability and faith to trust God is using our obedience and giftings to impact the right readers who need our words at the exact moment they need them, even when we never see how. Welcome to the journey, friend!

  2. Couldn’t have said it better my fellow writing friend! I appreciate your kind words. Vulnerability is right! Just you leaving a comment encourages me I’m not talking to myself, others are listening! Thank you!

  3. I was so excited to see your name in my inbox and saved reading as a treat after a rehearsal I had to finish. I’ve been hoping to read more of your writing after enjoying previous work and stories of your trip to England. I felt like I could visit there and learn through your words and pictures. I love your heart. I will pray that you hear from God regarding your writing journey and I will pray for you to have peace from His Spirit as you trust and wait

  4. First, let me say that as I read this I thought, Charity, you are one of the only true Renaissance women that I have ever met. Your talents, interests, and passions are so diverse and extensive that I do not know how one human can be both so multiply blessed with the glory of it and so burdened with the weighty responsibility of it. Your cup runneth over! Then, I thought a bit about the word renaissance, how it speaks of enlightenment out of darkness and beauty out of bleakness. Your writing does this. Countless times your blog has taught me, lifted me out of a bad place, made me laugh, made me hope, encouraged me, convicted me, brought me to tears, brought me to Jesus, brought me to joy. And don’t even get me started on your photographs of the beloved three little chickens. I, too, save your blogs for quiet times that often don’t come, binge on them, read them out of order, treasure them. Shame on me for not letting you know and thanking you every time.

    Renaissance, reborn. Certain of your talents may go dormant and be reborn at different times in your life, your experiences adding to their richness even as they wait for God to awaken them when His time as right. I will be praying for you at your crossroads. As much as I selfishly love your blogs, you deserve an even wider audience for God to use you. You speak powerfully to women; I can see you following in the steps of a Beth Moore, though your style reminds me more of an Ann Voscamp. Okay, enough, this is too long. Loving & missing you and kisses to all.

    1. Thanks for getting me crying at 10am. Ha! When I go on a book tour in my future and people have wild and possibly unruly opinions about my writings, would you come and remind me of these thoughts? 🙂

  5. I can’t believe I never told you that I am President of the Charity Mack fan club! 🙂 …and what a pitifully sad thing to even consider that there might NOT be more amazing writings coming from the heart and soul and pen of Charity Mack! All the responses posted thus far are so true…and so eloquently put that I will say “Hear! Hear!” and leave it at that!! Please keep me on the list….and know that you have my heart for all that you have been and done these past few months. You have always held a special place in my heart – truly a God appointment – and who knew where the road was taking us? I am just privileged and honored to be on it with you and am waiting with joyful anticipation to see how God will use you to share Him with the world!! Love you Miss Charity! xox

  6. Well, I also think you are one of the best writers I know w/your blogs and anything else you write!! Never mind your spelling, grammar or verbs, nouns or otherwise; you can write a book and have it edited as long as the person who edits doesn’t chg. what you actually want to say because your stories and facts are GREAT!!!
    Thanks for all your blogs – I am definitely a fan!! Love you Charity!!

  7. Charity,
    I have always enjoyed reading your works. Very inspiring and insightful!

    God Bless!