Christmas Poinsettia

I was barely five years old and the brick steps in her garage were high. The railing was of little help to my short arms as I balanced from step to step behind my mother. As soon as we entered the kitchen the warm smell of a boiling chicken in a pot on the stove met my round face. My cheeks flushed pink with the sound of her voice, “Good morning Charity Ann…” I shyly tucked behind my mother’s hip, peeking around to my Nannie, my mother’s mother. She was at her usual spot at the stove stirring and checking. She was midway through her workday at 9am, as she often rose before the sun to read her Bible. A farm girl from Franklin, Virginia, she knew the importance of home cooking and hard work. She was equal magic and intimidation.


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Stupendous Storm

Doughnuts. 50 to be exact. The munchkin type. Chocolate, glazed, cinnamon, and powdered. Three sippy-cups filled with milk. The sweet smell of sunscreen kissing our skin. We were half naked (weird). We were beyond thrilled (yahoo!). We were determine (crazed?). It was 70 degrees in the middle of June (unheard of).

Hello Ocean.


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When Daddy is Away…

beach1When Daddy is away the key in my book is distraction and relaxed creativity. In other words, some rules that normally apply such as bedtime routine, limited snuggle time in mommy’s bed, and adventures to normal sites are all out the window. We adventured far and wide, missing dinner and improvising with sleeves of Ritz crackers and bags of rice cakes.

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Tracking March

Big rolling laughter. Belly aching giggles. Grocery aisles filled with sunshiny squeals and joyous fun in race-car carts. Echoing farts on wooden stools that leave toddlers bodies shaking in absolute surrender to the silliest of moments. Welcome to the world of Ryder and Rory. Pull up a stool and let the good times roll, we are happy you stopped by to join in the excitement.


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