Canvas Cookies 4 Sale

Cookies! Get your cookies! These aren’t just any cookies, these are Canvas Cookies made by Amelia’s Desserts that can be painted and eaten! How many times have you thought, “Wow, I wish I could paint and eat what I am painting.” Well if you are between the ages of 0-4, that thought crosses your mind every time! Now the dream of every young child can come true.



Order these outstanding Canvas Cookies from Amelia’s Desserts. All proceeds go to the Nepal team I am leading to help with earthquake relief in Nepal July 6-17th. Order by e-mailing or by direct messaging her on the Amelia’s Desserts Facebook page.


Maybe painting a Canvas Cookie looks like Ryder: focused, thoughtful, and less interested in eating and more interested in how it was all constructed.


Maybe painting a Canvas Cookie looks like Cody: paint? brush? water? Wait, there’s a cookie. Let’s just get straight to the eating!


Or maybe painting a Canvas Cookie looks like Rory: bliss, joy, utter happiness as the colors are selected and smoothed onto the icing color page. Every stroke is considered and then “YUM!” it is eaten – paint pallet and all!




Order while supplies last! Amelia’s Desserts is only taking orders through June 15th for this special Canvas Cookie. All proceeds go to the Nepal trip. Your cookie canvas will include:
·      One cookie color pallet
·      One cookie color canvas
·      One paint brush
·      Hundreds of smiles from the Nepali people

Order by e-mailing or by direct messaging her on the Amelia’s Desserts Facebook page.

If cookies aren’t your style, considering donating to the trip with a tax deductible contribution. Our goal is $3,000 per person sent. Please donate through Greenbrier Church‘s Quick Give and then select “Nepal” from the menu:

DonateGreenOr send a check, with “Nepal Team” in the memo, to:

Greenbrier Church
1101 Volvo Parkway
Chesapeake, VA 23320

Thank you to the amazing Mini Mack followers who have contributed already to this very important trip. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!



Cookies! and the Famous O’Harry Bar Recipe

Warmed ovens. Chilled dough. Accoutrements galore. Stools pulled to counters. Books stacked in chairs for little buddies to participate fully. Patient, loving, hands guiding smaller ones from step to step; rolling out dough, cutting into fun shapes, decorating little master pieces. It was the traditional cookie day of my childhood. We would go to a family friends’ house, the Moss, to busy ourselves between sugary recipes galore. My mom needed the reinforcements to accomplish such a task and we are forever grateful to Mrs. Moss for allowing us to dirty up her kitchen every Christmas season.


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