California Has Broccoli

We all have the choice to be swayed by outside opinion. Just the other day Rory was trying to convince me why she should go to California. Ryder was trying to convince her otherwise as he knows she isn’t getting a trip to California until she is at least five.


“Rory, there is broccoli in California. You probably should consider that before wanting to go there.”*
“Oh? Well, hmmm. Maybe then… well actually, I think I can handle some broccoli.”
“Ok, yes, I guess you could. Especially if it is raw, it is much easier to eat when it’s raw.”
“Yep, so when should we leave?”

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Brighter than Noonday

I couldn’t have been more than five. The television in my uncle and aunt’s small den that was sitting upon a wooden chest was much taller than I. I sank into the dark sofa in the room that was only lit by the television. My aunt, like a fairy godmother, brought treats throughout the movie and then would quietly exit the room. I slowly walked up to the screen with a cup that felt cold, a spoon handle stuck out from inside the cup, as I tried to see what I had been tasting for the last couple of minutes. It was green. Like the face of the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz. Small speckles of chocolate chips were swirled and dotted throughout. It was ice cream, mint chocolate chip. It became a favorite from then on.


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Tracking September

I have had this picture in my mind for years and years. I am sitting on a hardwood floor, one leg bent up to my chest while the other leg extends in front. I am lacing on a pair of shoes with great determination; tying them tighter than tight, because it’s as if they come undone I will not conquer what I am about set out to do. I am confident. I am focused. I am preparing for something great. I guess you could say this picture is “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” sort of shot. It frames one in absolute focus on what’s about to come.


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Ferris Wheel Dream

We all have goals in life.  For some it’s to achieve a certain profession or maybe a certain material thing like a house. But kids don’t live by goals like adults often do, no, they live by dreams. I’d like to think that I still live a lot of my life through ardent dreams. Children inspire me in their ability, no matter the logistics or obstacles that are often unaware to them, that these dreams will come true purely because they dreamed them.



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