Cody Turns Three!

Chocolate cake and lights was all I had to go on for Cody’s third birthday party. I knew I had hit the target when he woke up to find lights strung throughout the living and dining room and his eyes followed the colorful strings of lights to a big chocolate cake in the center of the table.


“My friends are coming soon?” he asks.
“Yes, in about two hours. Want to see the cake?”
He nods enthusiastically and climbs into a chair to get a closer look. The cover on the cake removed, Cody smiled broadly, “Miles from Tomorrowland! Chocolate cake! Lights! Can I taste it?” He quickly swiped a finger full of icing and the party began.

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California Has Broccoli

We all have the choice to be swayed by outside opinion. Just the other day Rory was trying to convince me why she should go to California. Ryder was trying to convince her otherwise as he knows she isn’t getting a trip to California until she is at least five.


“Rory, there is broccoli in California. You probably should consider that before wanting to go there.”*
“Oh? Well, hmmm. Maybe then… well actually, I think I can handle some broccoli.”
“Ok, yes, I guess you could. Especially if it is raw, it is much easier to eat when it’s raw.”
“Yep, so when should we leave?”

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Exploration involves a level of risk. In the unknown there is chance for something greater. History shows that exploration often pays off, but not without sacrifice. Ryder will tell you that the Settlers in Jamestown took a great risk coming to a New World – between the excessive mosquito population that attempted to devour them upon landing in the muddy creeks of Virginia and their ill-prepared packing (shoes over adequate food? These were men no less!).


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