Annual Honey Tasting Party!

The golden hours of photography are in the morning and evening when the sun meets the earth in a warm hug. No matter the subject the light engulfing it is magical. Rory calls this golden light “pixy dust” and tries to catch it in her hands. I wholeheartedly agree. It is the time of wonder and imagination that twinkles in flits and glimmers, challenging us to chase it and catch it in our lives.


Honey is a similar God-given twinkling-golden wonder, but the difference is you can taste it!

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Happy Day Donuts

When I was a kid there was one thing I strove to do with the utmost dedication – be my older brother Ben’s sidekick. Three years older, he was (and still is) one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met. Loyal, reliable, and has the most hilarious dry humor you will ever hear. My only complaint is that Ben always got to do more than I did (yes mom, you can roll your eyes now). He would disappear after school in the afternoons to race and chase with our cousin a few neighborhoods over or “secretly” ride his bike to 7-11 when our mom was teaching music students in her backyard studio. He is the reason I frowned at dresses and refused to play with dolls. Because if I showed I was tough, maybe, just maybe, I’d get to bike with him on an adventure too.


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A New York Honey Hunt

Before we get started, first the winners of the Mini Macks’ Culinary Adventures and Giveaway! Ms. Marsha, Ms. Jenny Sue, Ms. Rita, and Ms. Felicity from across the pond in England! Congratulations winners! Thank you all for sharing some fun stories of culinary adventures from your past. I will be contacting each of you to receive your beautiful tote bag from Crooked Brook!
What do you get when you cross upstate New York with a Mini Mack? A honey hunt, that’s what. It is our annual pilgrimage to the north where we visit the great and powerful Great-Grandma Bates (think the Wizard of Oz times ten). To the village of Weedsport, with the quaintest of Victorian homes and green hills with winding double-line roads outlined by wildflowers waving by. We embarked on a honey hunt fit for a queen bee. Inspired by the Cayuga Office of Tourism, we consulted their Finger Lakes Sweet Treat Trail brochure.


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To the Batcave!

Like colorful soda bubbles rising to the surface, we were zipping and twisting up and through the San Francisco hills to Sutro Tower. The music was pumping through the speakers matching the sweet, but subdued, excitement of the morning. The wind was chasing us with a greater speed than we could escape it. I felt like I was a passenger on Mario Kart Racing where it was a neck and neck race to the top of the hill.

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Painting Party! Rory Turns Three!

The sun didn’t disappoint, its glittering morning rays slid through the windows and welcomed Rory with sweet promise of a happiest of birthdays. Three was the number today and it was first celebrated with tea. As I had gotten up early to read a book, and Rory could hear my eyes blink open, she decided to have tea with me. We sipped chai tea mixed with sweet milk, exchanged e-mails and video notes to our dear friend “across the pond” in England (hi Felis!), and Rory felt extremely special. She is three now, so a responsible young lady is to be incorporated in all that girls do.


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