Annual Honey Tasting Party!

The golden hours of photography are in the morning and evening when the sun meets the earth in a warm hug. No matter the subject the light engulfing it is magical. Rory calls this golden light “pixy dust” and tries to catch it in her hands. I wholeheartedly agree. It is the time of wonder and imagination that twinkles in flits and glimmers, challenging us to chase it and catch it in our lives.


Honey is a similar God-given twinkling-golden wonder, but the difference is you can taste it!

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Painting Party! Rory Turns Three!

The sun didn’t disappoint, its glittering morning rays slid through the windows and welcomed Rory with sweet promise of a happiest of birthdays. Three was the number today and it was first celebrated with tea. As I had gotten up early to read a book, and Rory could hear my eyes blink open, she decided to have tea with me. We sipped chai tea mixed with sweet milk, exchanged e-mails and video notes to our dear friend “across the pond” in England (hi Felis!), and Rory felt extremely special. She is three now, so a responsible young lady is to be incorporated in all that girls do.


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Golden Ticket

Relaxed. Someone told me it is Monday, I don’t feel it. Reality is supposedly back but my mind is still accepting the golden haze and lavender scents of last week. All that is floating around me – hungry babies, dinging e-mails, dirty floors, are not affecting me in the stressful grip they often do. I owe this all to my best buddy who sent me on a trip to the spa. I feel like I won a Golden Ticket to the Chocolate Factory. I wrestled for months of who to take or even to go at all.

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Tracking March

Big rolling laughter. Belly aching giggles. Grocery aisles filled with sunshiny squeals and joyous fun in race-car carts. Echoing farts on wooden stools that leave toddlers bodies shaking in absolute surrender to the silliest of moments. Welcome to the world of Ryder and Rory. Pull up a stool and let the good times roll, we are happy you stopped by to join in the excitement.


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