The Mini Macks Go to Disney World

We were exploring a new village in Disney World when Rory spotted him. She quietly said, “Stop. I must go meet him.” I was surprised to hear her confession. It wasn’t a princess or some friendly animal. It was a big burly guy, tall, with dark hair, and awfully handsome. We waited in line. Then we waited some more. Then, well, as with most new relationships, we found ourselves waiting a lot more. This guy was proving to be a bit of an arrogant dude, quite frankly. I asked Rory if she wanted to wait the 25 minutes while he, “Must go admire myself in the mirror.” Really?! There are people waiting here! Rory however pulled some magic of her own and waited ever so patiently for this man to return. She busied herself by writing him a short story and illustrating him a portrait in her pink journal her Grandma had so thoughtfully given her before our departure.


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Hormonal Trees

Vivid reds, oranges, yellows and vibrant hues between. The leave’s bright green suits are shed to reveal true colors come autumn. The reception is a glorious wonder. Pops of color race by as we travel through town. Neighborhoods are littered with golden dazzling ovals skipping down the sidewalks hand-in-hand with the wind. Ryder asks, “Why do leaves fall when it gets cold?”

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Golden Ticket

Relaxed. Someone told me it is Monday, I don’t feel it. Reality is supposedly back but my mind is still accepting the golden haze and lavender scents of last week. All that is floating around me – hungry babies, dinging e-mails, dirty floors, are not affecting me in the stressful grip they often do. I owe this all to my best buddy who sent me on a trip to the spa. I feel like I won a Golden Ticket to the Chocolate Factory. I wrestled for months of who to take or even to go at all.

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