Cooking with Rory

The Menu:
Italian Wedding Soup
Potato Kielbasa Skillet
Homemade Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

When I was a kid I remember sitting on the same counter my kids currently do. Then it was my Nannie’s, my mom’s mom. I pushed the same wooden chair to the cabinets, hoping to find a shift in her warm and busy kitchen. She’d hire me from time to time, but only if I listened very well. Timing in cooking is everything and a good sous chef can greatly help or hinder that mission.


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Dear Author

Mr. Roy,
I like your A-Z Mystery books because they have big mysteries. I like Ruth Rose, Josh, and Dink because they figure out the mysteries! I listen to them every night. I love them! I listen to them in my top bunk bed with my little brother. I don’t know if he likes them. I know he likes Adventures in Odyssey.  

-Ryder Clay Mack (6 years old)

School Days have begun again in the Mini Mack house. Numbers are added and subtracted, graphed and carried. Thank you notes are drafted. The super powers of letters and their side-kick friends are reintroduced. Together the super letters make sounds that assemble words. Forming the mouth to make these silly blending sounds is funny to Rory, optional to Cody, and downright embarrassing to Ryder.

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The Mini Macks Go to Disney World

We were exploring a new village in Disney World when Rory spotted him. She quietly said, “Stop. I must go meet him.” I was surprised to hear her confession. It wasn’t a princess or some friendly animal. It was a big burly guy, tall, with dark hair, and awfully handsome. We waited in line. Then we waited some more. Then, well, as with most new relationships, we found ourselves waiting a lot more. This guy was proving to be a bit of an arrogant dude, quite frankly. I asked Rory if she wanted to wait the 25 minutes while he, “Must go admire myself in the mirror.” Really?! There are people waiting here! Rory however pulled some magic of her own and waited ever so patiently for this man to return. She busied herself by writing him a short story and illustrating him a portrait in her pink journal her Grandma had so thoughtfully given her before our departure.


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Christmas Poinsettia

I was barely five years old and the brick steps in her garage were high. The railing was of little help to my short arms as I balanced from step to step behind my mother. As soon as we entered the kitchen the warm smell of a boiling chicken in a pot on the stove met my round face. My cheeks flushed pink with the sound of her voice, “Good morning Charity Ann…” I shyly tucked behind my mother’s hip, peeking around to my Nannie, my mother’s mother. She was at her usual spot at the stove stirring and checking. She was midway through her workday at 9am, as she often rose before the sun to read her Bible. A farm girl from Franklin, Virginia, she knew the importance of home cooking and hard work. She was equal magic and intimidation.


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A New York Honey Hunt

Before we get started, first the winners of the Mini Macks’ Culinary Adventures and Giveaway! Ms. Marsha, Ms. Jenny Sue, Ms. Rita, and Ms. Felicity from across the pond in England! Congratulations winners! Thank you all for sharing some fun stories of culinary adventures from your past. I will be contacting each of you to receive your beautiful tote bag from Crooked Brook!
What do you get when you cross upstate New York with a Mini Mack? A honey hunt, that’s what. It is our annual pilgrimage to the north where we visit the great and powerful Great-Grandma Bates (think the Wizard of Oz times ten). To the village of Weedsport, with the quaintest of Victorian homes and green hills with winding double-line roads outlined by wildflowers waving by. We embarked on a honey hunt fit for a queen bee. Inspired by the Cayuga Office of Tourism, we consulted their Finger Lakes Sweet Treat Trail brochure.


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