Dear Author

Mr. Roy,
I like your A-Z Mystery books because they have big mysteries. I like Ruth Rose, Josh, and Dink because they figure out the mysteries! I listen to them every night. I love them! I listen to them in my top bunk bed with my little brother. I don’t know if he likes them. I know he likes Adventures in Odyssey.  

-Ryder Clay Mack (6 years old)

School Days have begun again in the Mini Mack house. Numbers are added and subtracted, graphed and carried. Thank you notes are drafted. The super powers of letters and their side-kick friends are reintroduced. Together the super letters make sounds that assemble words. Forming the mouth to make these silly blending sounds is funny to Rory, optional to Cody, and downright embarrassing to Ryder.

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Hormonal Trees

Vivid reds, oranges, yellows and vibrant hues between. The leave’s bright green suits are shed to reveal true colors come autumn. The reception is a glorious wonder. Pops of color race by as we travel through town. Neighborhoods are littered with golden dazzling ovals skipping down the sidewalks hand-in-hand with the wind. Ryder asks, “Why do leaves fall when it gets cold?”

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