Hormonal Trees

Vivid reds, oranges, yellows and vibrant hues between. The leave’s bright green suits are shed to reveal true colors come autumn. The reception is a glorious wonder. Pops of color race by as we travel through town. Neighborhoods are littered with golden dazzling ovals skipping down the sidewalks hand-in-hand with the wind. Ryder asks, “Why do leaves fall when it gets cold?”

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Trixie Saves The Day!

The fog was heavy. From the windows of Alex’s second floor apartment we couldn’t see any of the markers that would indicate where we were in San Francisco based on the maps we had been studying for the last two months. Alex pointed at a cloud, “Sutro Tower is there.” I nodded as if completely understanding its distance from the apartment’s windows. Then the rain began: gray, gloomy, drippy, and obviously wet. We walked a long and soggy ten minutes to the nearest BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) station.

“Ryder, we are going to ride the BART to go to the Exploratorium.”
“What?! We are going to ride a FART?!”

Whelp, needless to say the BART underground station is a bit loud when the trains arrive.


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An ugly coat. Big, puffy, and turquoise. Like deep sea glimmering turquoise. Its mass engulfing my sewing machine like a giant squid ready to squirt copious amounts of ink. I tackled it. I ripped its stitches. Took out the broken teeth that captures its prey. I hunkered down and pulled it taught willing the fabrics underneath to match the ones on the surface. Brilliant magicalness (not a real word) I beat the beast! I put in a new shiny zipper! I don’t even know the owner of this thing, a friend of a friend asked me to fix it. I don’t do zippers. But tonight I triumphed!


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Let It Go Freeze Hole Cafe


Okay, okay, the name of the cafe is a work in progress. Neither Savannah nor Ryder could agree, so a compromise was made. Welcome children to the highs and lows of committees. “Let It Go Freeze Hole Cafe” was mounted over the lunch dive spot nonetheless. $5.00 each was given in various coin amounts into glass jars. Labels were made and vittles were priced accordingly. The cafe was officially open for business!

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