Four years ago the ultrasound technician smiled broadly and announced the swirling baby within me was a girl. I remember two feelings in that moment: the wet gel circulating on my belly and the deafening silence of Chris. Both of us had reserved ourselves with the knowing we would produce only boys. We had nothing to base this on except a likely subconscious preference. I, never feeling like I knew how to have great girl friendships and thus figured I’d be a better mother of boys. Chris, well girls talk and are dramatic, it would be all around easier for all involved if our children were male. And yet, God has a way of mixing it up…


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Understanding Beauty

There was this window. It was elaborate with lead lines arching throughout the clear glass. A few of the small pains had broken and an expert was needed to repair. This was just one small detail throughout a restoration of an otherwise disaster house. Yet, the passion the leader had to restore the house was inspiring. No matter what was lying before her, it was the vision already formed in her head that allowed her to plod-on through every single detail until the house sung gloriously again.


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Childhood Shows the Man

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.”
-Fred Rogers of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood


Growing up is not easy. I remember adults saying, “Oh, don’t wish you were older than you are, childhood is a perfect place to be. Being an adult is hard.” I wonder what kind of childhood they had because I have yet to meet a child that doesn’t have difficulties before they are four feet tall. Life, at any age, can be tough, but it is how we handle it that makes us grow.


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Passion for Education

It’s interesting to me how the distractions of life can tear us away from our passions. A few years ago my mom started to fizzle and wane from what she was always known for, a joyful teacher of music.  It concerned me that she had lost something that she wouldn’t know how to regain, and I think she feared, in a sense, that it wouldn’t return.

As much as she needed it, I needed her to shine again too; to find that love all over again and even deeper than before. I believe a passion in one’s heart can illuminate like little else, but the difficulty is recognizing it. What was put in her heart as a child, the kid who started conducting choirs at twelve years old, was now renewed at fifty-four.

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