Tracking November

Anticipation. Excitement. Impatience forcefully growing into patience. A peaceful knowing of things to come. As a child Christmas Eve was a struggle for me. Tossing and turning in bed, counting down the hours until I was allowed to wake my parents to open presents. Somehow I would eventually doze off only to awake with absolute thrill and excitement when I saw the sun was up. It was time to enjoy the celebration of family, of presents shared; of a delicious breakfast and the thankfulness that baby Jesus was born to earth to become the Savior for all, the best gift we could ever have.


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Acorn to Oaktree

“Little by little,” the acorn said,
As it slowly sank in its mossy bed,
“I am improving every day,
Hidden deep in the earth away.”
Little by little each day it grew;
Little by little it sipped the dew;
Downward it sent out a threadlike root;
Up in the air sprung a tiny shoot,
Day after day, and year after year,
Little by little the leaves appear;
And the slender branches spread far and wide,
Till the mighty oak is the forest’s pride.

“Little by little,” said the thoughtful boy,
“Moment by moment, I’ll well employ,
Learning a little every day,
And not misspending my time in play;
Whatever I do I will do it well.
Little by little, I’ll learn to know
The treasured wisdom of long ago;
And one of these days, perhaps, will see
That the world will be the better for me.”

-Little by Little, Anonymous


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Tracking September

I have had this picture in my mind for years and years. I am sitting on a hardwood floor, one leg bent up to my chest while the other leg extends in front. I am lacing on a pair of shoes with great determination; tying them tighter than tight, because it’s as if they come undone I will not conquer what I am about set out to do. I am confident. I am focused. I am preparing for something great. I guess you could say this picture is “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” sort of shot. It frames one in absolute focus on what’s about to come.


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