An ugly coat. Big, puffy, and turquoise. Like deep sea glimmering turquoise. Its mass engulfing my sewing machine like a giant squid ready to squirt copious amounts of ink. I tackled it. I ripped its stitches. Took out the broken teeth that captures its prey. I hunkered down and pulled it taught willing the fabrics underneath to match the ones on the surface. Brilliant magicalness (not a real word) I beat the beast! I put in a new shiny zipper! I don’t even know the owner of this thing, a friend of a friend asked me to fix it. I don’t do zippers. But tonight I triumphed!


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Dog Days of Summer

“I’m Spidermonkey and I will help you battle those creatures Heatblast!”
“That’s great Spidermonkey. Because together we are going to save the Universe from harm!…Oh and I want cheese sticks after we play in the sprinkler..”
“Me too! How about we send in Stinkfly to finish the job and then we can have crackers too.”
“Great idea Ryder – I mean Spidermonkey.” says cousin Savannah.


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Vulcan Mind Meld

“It was possible to force a mind meld on an unwilling subject, but most Vulcans would be loath to do so, unless under the most dire circumstances. An exception may be the Vulcans of the mirror universe, whose ethical constraints, shaped by the savagery of their environment, were far different.”[i]

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Awesome Apps

As much as outdoor play and chasing around the house with Tonka trucks are a part of our everyday, we also need some quieter activities to bring some sanity. When those activities can also enhance learning it makes it all the better! R&R look forward to the privilege of using our iPad or old iPhones loaded with kid apps. And I look forward to the opportunity to get a few things done while they do!

We like the following applications “apps” for the iPad and iPhones. Hopefully there are similar ones for other devices out there:

In no particular order
1. Bugs and Buttons, $2.99 iTunes Store

This adorable app has a variety of 18 different games within that teach a child how to match, count, sort, and puzzle in a variety of ways. Sorting by putting the correct bugs in the jars; recycling paper, plastic, or metals; or colored buttons into their respective containers.  Guiding ants through mazes, counting butterflies in fields, gathering apples while avoiding bees, squishing bugs, tic-tac-toe with dragonflies and much more! It is a beautiful app coupled with beautiful music that even I don’t mind hearing over and over and over.

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