Cody Turns Three!

Chocolate cake and lights was all I had to go on for Cody’s third birthday party. I knew I had hit the target when he woke up to find lights strung throughout the living and dining room and his eyes followed the colorful strings of lights to a big chocolate cake in the center of the table.


“My friends are coming soon?” he asks.
“Yes, in about two hours. Want to see the cake?”
He nods enthusiastically and climbs into a chair to get a closer look. The cover on the cake removed, Cody smiled broadly, “Miles from Tomorrowland! Chocolate cake! Lights! Can I taste it?” He quickly swiped a finger full of icing and the party began.

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We heard it. The distinct sounds of someone breaking into the house. Our ears perked. Our hearts started to race with adrenaline. “Fight or flight?” We gave each other the look, “Fight. Defend.” I slowly put my laptop down and crept down the hallway with my loyal dog beside me. We followed the sounds through the den, then the kitchen, until we turned towards the laundry room. Then WHAM! SMACK! CRASH! It all happened at once. The large and hairy intruder was trying to climb out the window, except the window was locked shut.

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Celebrating in Alaska – Part Two

Day 5 – Sitka

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I felt like I was playing a horrible game of Bingo hoping and praying for number 17 to be called. There was no consistent pattern of time between the numbers being called and no apparent groupings:

“Now calling numbers 2, 3, 4.”
Time passed. We sat on the ship’s red-carpeted stairs swirling from deck four to deck five.
“Now calling (I held my breath) … eight.”
“EIGHT?! I impatiently said to myself. Not even ‘8,9,10?!’”


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Celebrating in Alaska – Part One

May was a whirlwind month with a work event I was tasked with. We also traveled to the Brushy Mountains of NC for a family reunion on my Dad’s side.






You might remember when Ryder and I went last fall for apple picking. Speaking of Ryder, in addition to his birthday excursion to California in April, we also celebrated his 5th birthday-day with a donut morning and a new super outfit to add to his collection.


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