I decided to rearrange the furniture in my living room. I thought maybe if I rearranged the room it would feel cleaner, newer, refreshed. I dragged the piano to three out of four corners of the room. I tried plugging the lamp into one outlet and then another. Should the sewing machine be on the same table as the computer or can the computer sit somewhere else? I shuffled and re-shuffled for more hours than I care to admit.


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I took the phone call. It was the fifth of the morning. Six spreadsheets were open. 43 e-mails returned. I was making strides with the work day and it was only 11am. I tried a new strategy when it was time to feed Cody again – turn off my phone, walk away from the computer, and read books to R&R while nursing rather than checking e-mails with my thumbs. It was successful! Relaxing even. Then I smelled the pee. I sniffed every rump including the dog. Couldn’t find the source. Distraction won and I forgot the thought. Lunch, more work and then it was nap time. Trying to time naps with three kids of varying ages is like trying to catch a group of lizards in your house. Ask my friend Martha, she knows.


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Awesome Apps

As much as outdoor play and chasing around the house with Tonka trucks are a part of our everyday, we also need some quieter activities to bring some sanity. When those activities can also enhance learning it makes it all the better! R&R look forward to the privilege of using our iPad or old iPhones loaded with kid apps. And I look forward to the opportunity to get a few things done while they do!

We like the following applications “apps” for the iPad and iPhones. Hopefully there are similar ones for other devices out there:

In no particular order
1. Bugs and Buttons, $2.99 iTunes Store

This adorable app has a variety of 18 different games within that teach a child how to match, count, sort, and puzzle in a variety of ways. Sorting by putting the correct bugs in the jars; recycling paper, plastic, or metals; or colored buttons into their respective containers.  Guiding ants through mazes, counting butterflies in fields, gathering apples while avoiding bees, squishing bugs, tic-tac-toe with dragonflies and much more! It is a beautiful app coupled with beautiful music that even I don’t mind hearing over and over and over.

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Letting Off Steam

A week flies by and I think back of what has been accomplished. Its a plethora of madness with a baby sprouting her first tooth, a toddler truly becoming a boy, me finding myself in new responsibilities at work and Chris being there to support us through it all. We are growing here and this is only the beginning of many great things to come.

We recently had a baby shower for my sister-in-law and brother to celebrate the upcoming birth of their baby boy (two weeks to go!).


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