We Are Moving!

We Are Moving!

Okay, we are not physically moving. I am virtually moving to a new author website! After years of virtually chasing Mini Macks, we have decided as a family to adjust the focus a bit.

To get everyone on the same page, I am moving from mom blogging into bigger pieces – novels, children’s books, and short stories. I hope, from time to time, to blog on this new site as well.

I have three requests:

  1. Head over to the new website – CharityMack.com and subscribe!
  2. Share the site by clicking the social media links located in the right-hand corner.
  3. Help me name my latest novel! Leave a comment at the end of this post with your suggestion or vote for one of the three below. The author of the winning title will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

Here are the current three titles:

  1. Simply Complex
  2. Trafficked Choices (as in Human Trafficking…but will people think car traffic?)
  3. A Life is a Life is a Life  (the writing coach I worked with last month and the third person to read the book in its entirety came up with this title).

Here’s the synopsis:

Simply Complex, literary fiction of 77,000 words, reveals three stories colliding in 2016 in a tale of hope and redemption. It takes the reader through countries and cities, perspectives and missteps, and how even across the globe, in countries vastly different, our choices intricately connect us to each other.

It is 1968, Margaret is working in the White House during the tumultuous Vietnam War while the country is still grieving the loss of President Kennedy. The morning after a White House party she wakes up in a haze of confusing memories and a few weeks later she realizes she’s pregnant – her world is shaken. Should she keep the baby? Is her career over?

Decades later, Ant wakes up like it was any other day in his ten-year career as an international closer for a human trafficking syndicate. The deals are extremely profitable and the ethics are easily overlooked, until now. Haunted by the demons of his profession, Ant is trying his best to avoid the truth and the choices he must make to face it. Through a series of missteps, Ant finds himself in the waiting room of Trinity Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia, his shirt covered in blood.

Wynter, a midwife at Trinity Hospital, passionately cares for her patients and gains a greater love for her career with each baby she delivers. But what she hadn’t counted on was how her marriage is getting in the way of her thriving career. It is 2016, she could divorce with understanding, unlike her grandmother decades before. But is the marriage worth fighting for? Hope is diminishing and it will take a miracle to convince her otherwise.

Choices must be made. Lives will be changed. 

Thank you, Mini Mack Readers for joining me on this new journey. Don’t forget to subscribe to the new site and toss in your title ideas in the comments section!

Happy Reading,


7 Replies to “We Are Moving!”

  1. Okay…I’ll bite. I like your phrase Choice Must Be Made as the title rather than The Choices We Make. I’m so looking forward to reading it already!

  2. I really like Simply Complex but also like Mrs. Mack’s suggestion of Choices Must Be Made.

    I asked Adri (after reading the synopsis to her) and she likes Simply Complex.

    1. Well goodness! It seems we are back to the beginning again! Based on the responses:
      1. Simply Complex
      2. Choices Must Be Made
      3. The Choices We Make

  3. I vote for 3.) The Choices We Make
    I just in the past few months read the book: Slave. Sarah had it in one of her classes last semester. She said that they didn’t have time to go over it in class, but Sarah and I both knew that really that professor was, while remaining PC, was trying to get a message across.

    1. Interesting Jenny! I’ll have to read that book. Thanks for weighing in on the vote! I hope all is well with you and the family.

  4. Charity, when I mentioned the book, I was being too lazy to look up the author, etc, but also thinking perhaps you were familiar with it. So, I just did a quick search: It is, Slave: My True Story; Mende Nazer. “lost her childhood at age twelve, when she was sold into slavery. It all began one horrific night in 1993, when Arab raiders swept through her Nuba village, murdering the adults and rounding up thirty-one children, including Mende.
    Mende was sold to a wealthy Arab family who lived in Sudan’s capital city…”
    It SO makes one realize how blessed and protected with have been by our spiritual heritage in and by Jesus/Yeshua!!!!!