Tracking January

I think some things in life never have a convenient start time. It’s never a great time to take down Christmas decorations. It’s never the perfect time to have a root canal. If you are a kid, then it’s never a great time to have your hair washed, take a nap, or pick up toys. But as with all of these things, there is a purpose. Ecclesiastes 3:1-15 so clearly points out, “There is an appointed time for everything.  And there is a time for every event under heaven…”

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Passion for Education

It’s interesting to me how the distractions of life can tear us away from our passions. A few years ago my mom started to fizzle and wane from what she was always known for, a joyful teacher of music.  It concerned me that she had lost something that she wouldn’t know how to regain, and I think she feared, in a sense, that it wouldn’t return.

As much as she needed it, I needed her to shine again too; to find that love all over again and even deeper than before. I believe a passion in one’s heart can illuminate like little else, but the difficulty is recognizing it. What was put in her heart as a child, the kid who started conducting choirs at twelve years old, was now renewed at fifty-four.

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Review: Sandwich Game

I remember sitting in my backyard growing up and getting down deep in the mud to make a mud sandwich. The imaginative innovation of stick-leaf-dead bug-rock sandwiches that were in high demand at our backyard drive-thru window (the line was always too long!). Where you hoped you had enough flower pedal change to make the transaction a reality.

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Be Present

I once heard a sermon that encouraged the congregation to allow enough space in our everyday schedules so when opportunity to bless others was before us we would recognize it or even (gasp!) welcome it. As I progress in my life with wonderful children I think back to that sermon with a  bit of 1. Yep, sure. You don’t stay at home with your kids, work a job, clean the house, make the meals, etc. 2. I barely have time for myself let alone someone else not under my stead.

But as I continue to try to view the world again as a small child does, through the lenses of my children’s eyes, I see how important this sermon really is.


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