Oh the Hem

Ryder has been studying karate since September. We waited many years to allow him to make the commitment. He has jumped in with a steadfast dedication that has even blown me away. At his dojo (school) he is challenged to achieve a new belt color every three months. Through Bible memorization, obedience to his teachers, and mastering new karate moves, he has made his goal once more last week by achieving his second belt and has full intentions to go to black. As Ryder removed his yellow belt and his daddy helped him tie on his stiff new orange one, the sensei (teacher) explained why we don’t wash the belts. He said that the hems are dirtied, the bands worn through the battle of learning and persevering. I liked this and not just because it meant less laundry for me.


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Shifting Teeth

Rory has a gray front tooth. It has been this way for a few years now after she hit it against a metal bar on a theme park ride. The tooth was cut off from the rooted life source and it has slowly grayed, darker and darker. The dentist asked if I wanted it removed. It would be purely cosmetic. I said no. It’ll fall out on its own, in the right time.



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Fischer’s, Waffles, Estates and More!

This post is brought to you by Oma!
(The Mini Macks’ grandmother and Charity’s mom, Sharon Parker). Enjoy!

After a brisk one and a half mile morning walk to Marylebone section of London, our adventure continued at the lovely Viennese restaurant, Fischer’s for breakfast. Oh my! The restaurant evokes the style of an informal neighborhood café in Vienna in the early years of the twentieth century with rich woods, glass, and brass décor including white linen tablecloths and formally attired wait staff. It was a feast for the eyes before ever tasting the delectable foods!


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