The Future of Nepal

The Future of Nepal

This is the last post in a series of posts from a recent trip to Nepal. This trip was in partnership with The Nepali Rescue Project and the work they do there to rescue girls from sex trafficking. Thank you to all our team supporters, our family, friends, churches, and workplaces, for making this adventure possible for the team!


Drip, drop, drip, drop. The rain came down as we slept. A storm raged, crackling and lightening in the night. Our last day in the “field” was bitter sweet and the weather reflected our mood.

The girls welcomed us for the last session. Bonnie and Lynn shared about the physical and spiritual heart. Angie wowed them with her directorial debut of Esther, complete with American and Nepali Oscar performances. Before we knew it we were through our session with extra time to spare. The Lord must have known the girls needed it as it gave them time to think and ask questions about being believers in a non believing culture. Some came to “believe” just a month ago. I felt like I was back at home in Becky and Andrea’s Monday night ladies bible study. I laughed on the inside when one girl claimed something and before I could whisper Becky’s famous words, “Ladies, do we have a scripture to back that up?” Lynn and Amy were at the ready. Amy so wisely and eloquently answering in a way that encompassed the last two and a half days with this group – we are uniquely made, we are God’s beauty, we are to determine our focus on Him, and we are cared for by Him. This cookie of a team is stronger than ever!


Shortly after leaving the girls we found ourselves rolling down the road in the van in the trickling rain. Like a tin can tossed through puddles of masala tea, we rolled our way to a village on the edge of the jungle. This was truly my cup of tea, it is where the children are. The future of this nation. They are not jaded by life, but are like any other group of kids across the world, they are dreamers, hopers, lovers of life. They do not need to know the language of tongues, they still speak the language of Heaven through smiles and hugs, kisses and laughter. They speak my language and I speak theirs. Head wobbles and hand motions, we “get” each other. The wonder of a camera and moving mirrored lens, we played through the viewfinder of life. The focus community and thankfulness of fun.

2015-07-15 17.41.14.png2015-07-15 17.05.08.png
It was a grand finale ending to the day. A hallelujah Heavenward to the testimony of this ministry that was dreamed between a few friends from countries worlds apart (thank you friends, you know who you are). As the van pulled away from the village and promptly found itself in a muddy hole, the team joined Bonnie in song:

You brought me out of the miry clay
You set my feet on the rock to stay
You put a song in my soul today
A song of praise hallelujah

The van promptly dislodged, no doubt by His strength.

See you all on the other side of the world by weekend!

Angie, Amy, Lynn, Bonnie and Charity


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If you would like to donate to EMPOWER (U.S. efforts to bring awareness to sex trafficking) please donate here. Or to donate to the Nepali Rescue Project (Nepal efforts to rescue and restore girls from sex trafficking) please donate here.

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  1. Such good looking children. Bob is afraid to ever let me go over there for fear he will see 10 kids coming back w/me. Ha! They all look happy and that they had a good time w/all of you!