Cooking with Rory

The Menu:
Italian Wedding Soup
Potato Kielbasa Skillet
Homemade Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

When I was a kid I remember sitting on the same counter my kids currently do. Then it was my Nannie’s, my mom’s mom. I pushed the same wooden chair to the cabinets, hoping to find a shift in her warm and busy kitchen. She’d hire me from time to time, but only if I listened very well. Timing in cooking is everything and a good sous chef can greatly help or hinder that mission.


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Annual Honey Tasting Party!

The golden hours of photography are in the morning and evening when the sun meets the earth in a warm hug. No matter the subject the light engulfing it is magical. Rory calls this golden light “pixy dust” and tries to catch it in her hands. I wholeheartedly agree. It is the time of wonder and imagination that twinkles in flits and glimmers, challenging us to chase it and catch it in our lives.


Honey is a similar God-given twinkling-golden wonder, but the difference is you can taste it!

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Mini Macks’ Culinary Adventures and Giveaway!

There is something equally rewarding and challenging when cooking. It is one of the tasks in life, since time began, that has near instant gratification. Before technologies of this and that, one could mix a few ingredients and quickly tell if it was a success or failure. When cooking with Mini Macks (or other small creatures) this result of success (or failure) is also quickly revealed. Expectations lowered can produce even better satisfaction. Because even a crooked chocolate cake, pre-licked spatulas, or sloppy-measured-scoops still result in some darn tasty vittles.


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Cheeseburger Pie

There have been many perks to marrying into Chris’ family. High up there is his mom’s cooking. As I’ve mentioned before, I took the “This isn’t how my mom’s tasted…” comments early in our marriage in stride. Primarily because I was trying to achieve exactly that – her recipes – because they taste so good. I did not grow up with a casserole menu. I grew up on the soup pot menu – got a few things, throw them in a pot and hope for the best because that’s what mom made for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…


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