Tracking September

Tracking September

I have had this picture in my mind for years and years. I am sitting on a hardwood floor, one leg bent up to my chest while the other leg extends in front. I am lacing on a pair of shoes with great determination; tying them tighter than tight, because it’s as if they come undone I will not conquer what I am about set out to do. I am confident. I am focused. I am preparing for something great. I guess you could say this picture is “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” sort of shot. It frames one in absolute focus on what’s about to come.


Why do I bring this up, you ask? I’m not entirely sure honestly. Because in this very moment I have put myself on evening bed rest at 7.30pm. I am in bed, with the door locked, the dog welcomed at my feet, and Christmas music playing (yes, its October, I’m well aware). So my current state is really not reflective of the picture that comes to my mind so often in my life. But I guess, ultimately, the point is not what’s currently there but the knowing of what will be soon and how I prepare for it now makes it all the better or worse.


My belly is sore, I am nearly eight months pregnant, and I’m feeling it physically. I woke up on my back last night, relaxed and barely awake in my bed, took a deep breath and pulled every muscle in my abdomen. Imagine mild charlie horse muscle pulls in a web around your bulging middle. I couldn’t help but laugh (internally, because physically that would have been a really stupid move), this body is totally not my own.


Yet more often than not that “pull yourself up by your boot straps” picture keeps coming to mind. Because the focus is not on the little things that could stand in my way, no my laces are tide tighter than tight. Life is good.

Ryder and I have started workbooks for the mere fact that the puzzles and other strategies I was using the last few years are no longer occupying him long enough for me to work the 16+ hours from home I do on a weekly basis (the other 18 are in-office).


I prematurely opened a pack of K-1st grade workbooks that I bought on a whim last month. The kid is soaking them up with “boot-strap” focus. It is so much fun to watch!


He is also very much interested in Cody’s development and the interstate system. I need to find a good kids book that explains the interstates: bridges, tunnels, ramps, etc. because I am getting a bit impatient explaining them in various forms on every. single. car ride.


However, Cody’s development I am always up for discussing because the concept fascinates me too (I think pregnancy does that, there’s got be some perk to being an ecosystem for 40 weeks…thank the good Lord He puts in me a desire to know what’s going on. I think its amazing). A few weeks ago I let Ryder watch an animated video on what a baby’s development looks like from 24-27 weeks and then got to overhear him explain it to his buddy, Oliver, from across the street:

Oliver: “Ms. Charity, is that baby still in there?!”
Me: “Yes, actually for another 10-15 weeks.”
Ryder: “Yes, and did you know that he is connected to a rope? Really he is!”
Oliver: (totally perplexed and shocked) “What is he talking about?!”
Ryder: “I’m talking about his rope. His umbilical cord. Its a rope and it connects from his belly button to my mommy’s tummy and he eats through it because he’s in water. And that’s why we have belly buttons.”
Oliver: (lifting his shirt) “Really?! Is he right? I had a rope?!”
Ryder and Me: “Yep.”

And that was the science lesson, on the kitchen counter, for the week.


Rory is determined to be in the action as much as possible. She is mastering games and, like any younger sibling, the art of “swipe and run” with vigor (much to Ryder’s chagrin).



It makes me giggle. She is challenging him. I can’t wait to see what Cody will bring to the mix in a year or so. Rory is also sporting four teeth now, that do not line up. Uncle Ben and her perform a great hillbilly skit in honor of her poor southern grin. It is sweet and hilarious.


Life is good and we are excited at what’s to come. We have our shoes tied tight and our focus on enjoying an ever rounding belly, holidays with family, and a new buddy to meet come December.

What have you tied your laces up for lately and are excited to see soon?



10 Replies to “Tracking September”

  1. They are so cute. Interstates and roadway systems? Next it’ll be the nervous system and then onto nuclear physics! Good luck with that.

    1. lol yeah right!? geez. But we could get Savannah to be the spokes person for whatever funding he might need. She is hard to resist when she is really buttering us up 🙂

  2. Just remember Charity-when you need help with science-just call the science lady!! You know I will be happy to give you some really cool things to do! Loved reading this! What a blessing to see your live in action!

  3. That picture of Rory on the chair looking at her iPhone is just too cute. I love it in every way. I laughed out loud at ‘’
    I can’t wait for Christmas too….will have to have my annual watch of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation soon.

  4. Our favorite is Rory from her backside in the pink dress w/her pink boots – just too precious! The one w/Rory and Ryder dressed in green coming
    out of the front door we like too. I know that Ryder is going to be a handful as far as keeping him busy w/school work. He will get bored easily and you will have to keep up w/what to give him next.

    We thoroughly enjoyed these pics. You sure know what to choose for pics.